Package Pickup
If you missed your package delivery and received a blue-colored form with a box checked for gopost, you can have us place your package in a gopost self-service parcel locker for easy pickup. Simply enter the information requested here using the blue-colored form left by your carrier. When your package has been loaded into gopost, you will receive a unique passcode and the gopost unit location via email or text. Then, visit the unit, enter the passcode, and pick up your package. It's that easy.

Why gopost? You can pick up your package on your schedule. All gopost units are available for longer hours than our window service. The location and hours of availability are on the blue-colored slip you received.

For this service, we use the gopost unit associated with your delivery address. If you didn't receive a blue-colored slip (Form 3849g) then a gopost unit is not available for gopost Package Pickup. Please follow the directions on the slip you received.

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    Check if gopost package pickup is available for your delivery address